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 Fall 1999

 Fall is now here and we are all back in school. The summer has been very busy for us. We have had a mini vacation in Dalarna, combined with work. And we have renovated two bedrooms in the house. There was even time for some swimming at the lake once in a while. And yes... we did get some summer weather. In September we enjoyed an Indian Summer. Stefan returned from Alaska and Stephanie had a birthday. October continues at the same pace, I keep thinking things will slow down but they never do!


 Pictures from summer 1999

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 Stefan has finished two films this summer, The Elephants of Paradise and The Seaturtles. Both are supposed to air on Swedish Television this fall. In August he went to Kodiak, Alaska where he filmed bears in the city! He also did some diving and underwater filming.

Now in October he is busy traveling and giving lectures about the Elephants of Paradise. Dr. Atupattu from Sri Lankas Wildlife Department is here to accompany him on the tour and talk about the work they are doing to save the elephants, and also about the other projects they are working on.

 LaVonne began a computer course in June. When it is finnished she will be a "systems administrator", which hopefully means that she will be able to solve our computer problems and maintain our homepage. She has revamped Camera Q's page and developed this one, so she is learning something! This summer she also went back to nursing, at least for one month. She worked nights in July and Stefan got a chance to take some paternity leave.


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 Jonathan has now started in the 4th grade, which puts him in a class of 4th-6th grade. In Vedum we have classes with mixed age groups. So far we think this is working well. Last year Jonathan and Erik were both in the same class since they went in a class with 1st-3rd graders. He is doing well in school, his favorite subjects seem to be reading and computer. When he get older he either wants to be a pilot or a computer game designer! This summer he got his own bedroom. He is so proud because he is the only one in the whole family who has his own room.

 Erik has started 2nd grade this fall. He is in the same class this year as he was last year but now last years 3rd graders have moved up and there are new 1st graders. He loves to draw and play with his friends. And he is getting to be a good reader. He is also very dilegent about his school work at least now in the beginning! I hope it stays that way! This summer he moved into a new bedroom with Nicolas. Their room is red and yellow with knights and castles.


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 Nicolas has started kindergarten. Now we have 3 boys in school! It is amazing how fast time goes and how fast they grow up. He is also going to afterschool care with Erik since LaVonne is in school. He seems to enjoy both school and daycare and playing with all the kids there. He has the same kindergarten teacher that Jonathan and Erik had, so she is getting to know our whole family pretty well!

 Stephanie is now 3 years old. She is a very active little girl who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She is certainly tough enough to handle 4 brothers! She and Oliver have started going to daycare (we call it her school) while LaVonne is in school , and she loves it! This summer she learned to use the potty so now we only have one in diapers. She is earlier than any of the boys in this area, but then she is a girl. Also this summer she got to move into a "big girls bed". She got Nicolas' bed when he moved out and now she shares a room with Oliver.


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 Oliver is now 21 months old. He is a sweet little boy who mostly walks around quietly minding his own business. After "hurricane Stephanie" he is more like a soft summer breeze! He has one passion in life and that is remote controls for the tv. We have to hide all of them so he doesn't take them. He has also become a "big boy" and moved into a bedroom with Stephanie. It is the first time in 6 years that we don't have a baby sleeping in our room. Bittersweet!


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