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Days of our lives in the year 2000

This year of 2000 that many have been anticipating with some dread came and went and it was much like other years.  For us it has been a year of travel and adventure.  Stefan has had a year with unusual amount of travel, but even the rest of the family was able to try our wings a bit.  In March we all went to the USA for an extended stay with LaVonne's parents.  The children all went to school and/or daycare in Colorado, Stefan made another trip down the Colorado River, and LaVonne spent some quality time with her parents.  We bought a 15-passenger van that Stefan used for his trip, but we also used it to make a family trip to the Grand Canyon. We had a wonderful time on this road trip and the kids were all very good travelers.  It was such a success that we are now planning a trip from Colorado to Alaska using the same van!


 Pictures from Spring in the USA 

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 This has been a year of travel for Stefan.  In January he was in India making a documentary about a friend of ours who fell in love with a Swedish girl and bicycled from India to Sweden!  Quite a story!  From India he went to Sri Lanka to begin filming the transportation of elephants who have been harassing tea plantation owners..  In March he came home for a couple of weeks and then we all left for the states where Stefan went on a rafting trip down the Colorado River. He came home early from the states so that he could continue work on a film about bears in Sweden that he is filming in Dalarna, in northern Sweden.  He also returned to Sri Lanka to complete the film about the elephants at the tea plantation. In August he left on his annual trip to Alaska.  He spent 3 weeks on Kodiak, and 3 weeks on the mainland. He came home in September and has since been dividing his time between filming in Dalarna and editing at home.

 LaVonne completed her computer course in January and is now a systems administrator, at least on paper!  She spent the spring in the USA enjoying time with her mother and shopping, shopping, shopping while the kids were in school and daycare. In the fall she decided to go back to school, the computer course she took last year was so fun she wanted more, and she is now studying business economics and web design.  She completed a writing course in Swedish earlier in the fall. 


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 Jonathan is now in the 5th grade.  He has the same teacher as last year, Anders, and he seems to be doing well in most areas.  He enjoys geography, history, science, reading and writing but math is kind of boring. He is also learning to play the guitar and is getting very good at it.  He likes to play for us when we have guests over.  In the spring he attended 4th grade in Colorado Springs for 10 weeks.  It was exciting to learn some American History and to see how schools work in the US. They also went on several field trips that were very interesting. 

 Erik is now in the 3rd grade.  He has his little brother Nicolas in the same class since we have mixed grade classes in Vedum. They are in a class with 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades combined.  He is the creative one of the bunch.  He loves drawing and crafts and comes home with all kinds of new creations.  He was in a 2nd grade class in Colorado Springs and learned so much in that time that he amazed his teacher.  He was able to better his reading skills in English, and he made lots of new friends.


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 Nicolas is now in the first grade.  He is learning to read and even if he doesn't like to admit it he enjoys it pretty much.  He has made several friends that he likes to play with. He is also creative and likes to draw.  But he also likes to be outdoors and wander around in our woods.  He is sweet and mischievous, and very eager to help out at home.  He has been a great help this fall while we have been renovating. 

 Stephanie is now 4 years old.  She is a little lady with lots of personality, determination and energy.  She is becoming a little easier to deal with and has learned to listen to us a little better.  She is eager to learn and to help out and use her energy in a positive way.  She enjoys going to daycare and playing with the other kids.  She and Oliver are in different rooms at daycare, but they see each other a lot during the day anyway.  


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 Oliver is now 3 years old and has entered into the terrible threes!  He is still a sweet and cuddly little boy, but he he also has a temper which erupts suddenly when he doesn't get his way.  It always surprises us that our sweet little 2 year olds change into these 3 year old monsters so suddenly, but it is comforting to know that it is a passing phase.  He is now potty trained and for the first time in 11 years we do not have a child in diapers!  It is a wonderful feeling!


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