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Here I am with my precious bundles! They keep me pretty busy most of the time and I consider myself a stay at home mom, but right now I am taking a computer class that the Swedish government is paying for. It is a great class and I am learning all kinds of stuff, I'm not sure I will be able to use all I am learning but I have learned about homepages and this is great fun. I am really enjoying this class. It is great to get out a little bit and meet new people. My class meets Mondays and Tuesdays and every other Wednesdays and goes all day. It has worked out great since it is an hour drive to get there. The days are long but then I am "off" on the other days, there is no homework. I really like working with homepages and would like to do more of it. I have made a couple of pages for a friend of ours, and have a few more requests from other friends so who knows.... maybe I'll be in business. Otherwise I am in charge of sales and distribution of our films. I sell to schools and libraries all over Sweden. It is all fax and telephone work, no traveling. This allows me to work at home and to lighten Stefan's load, it has also been a boost for our relationship since I am more aware of what he is doing and planning. Last summer I also started working as a nurse again, I worked nights at a convalescent home that I used to work at years ago. It was kind of fun to jump in for a short stint. There is a real shortage of nurses in Sweden right now, which means that I can be a little choosy. I don't really have very much time to work though. Otherwise I am busy with the normal things of life, laundry, dishes, housework etc. there always seems to be a pile of clothes or dishes waiting to be washed!

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